Kicad 6.0.6 PCB and Schematic text scaling

I have started working on a project in KiCad 5.1.9, the last version I was using for a previous successful project. After creating the first revision of the schematic, I decided it was probably time to upgrade KiCad so I just installed 6.0.6 and imported my 5.1.9 project. I got a few “old symbol” errors but it went through and looks okay. But KiCad 6.0.6 seems to have serious scaling issues on my HD monitor that 5.1.9 did not have. I created a blank test project so you can see what I got at first in PCB New:

Really ugly with huge, blurry icons and much of the screen cut off. So I fiddled with things some. I changed the icon scaling to manual and 100 from auto and here is what it looked like:

Still have lost most of the right side of the screen so I resized it.

Finally, I fiddled with the right menu so I can actually see most of it:

Now the issue seems to be the text fonts are too big to fit. Not just on the main screen, but many of the menus, for example these two (but many more):

At this point I don’t know what else I can do to fix the oversized text. If I can’t, I’m probably going back to v5 (maybe 5.99 if this problem started with v6). I can hold off working on this for a couple of days since I have a lot of other project work to do, but in case someone has an idea how to reduce the overall text size in menus and pretty much everywhere I need to downgrade. I don’t want to fiddle with the W10 font sizes because it could affect other apps and I’m only having problems with KiCad 6.