KiCad 6.0.3/6.0.4

We were all set to release 6.0.3 this week. Then… a couple things happened.

Early upgraders helped us to identify two bugs in the release package. One affected connectivity for some boards in certain configurations and one affected how values were handled during duplication.

While we don’t like to delay releases, the team decided that it would be better to remove the 6.0.3 release, fix the bugs and release 6.0.4 instead. We regret any inconvenience.

6.0.4 will be available soon on the KiCad website as well as on our mirrors.

Thank you for your help in making KiCad better!


I saw blog post that kicad 6.0.4 is avalible, but on PPA for ubuntu builds are marked as failed and update automatically is installing 6.0.3 version.

Flathub also suggests update to 6.0.3…

Refuse “update” to 6.0.3, it is unusable

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