KiCAD 6.0.2 : Project from template - Can't open file

Hi there
I am not sure if I use the correct category but I try. I installed KiCAD 6.0.2 and tried to create with "New project from template … " and that gave me this dialog as an answer.

I am using GitHub footprint, packages3D, symbols and templates and changed the pathes to this location.
From GitHub I do not get the meta directory and not the info.html. I am also not able to find it in the standard library location C:\Program Files\KiCad\6.0\share\kicad\template
so my question is:
How I can use templates?
Is it possible to add this file on github so it is updated by pull?
How can I create this file on my own to get templates available?

Regards, Harald

PS: I added meta directory and info.html in all the subfolders below and now I am able to get to the dialog I could select templates from. But that is empty. Sure, the info.html is empty.
What do I have to add to the contents?

What is the contents of info.html and how to program.
regards, Harald

This tutorial should get you on the way with creating templates yourself:

A complete installation of KiCad should have some 15+ already installed templates you can study as a starting point to create your own.

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