KiCad 6.0.1: curious behaviour of INS hotkey in schematic


I have a curious behaviour of the “INS” hotkey (repeat last item) when duplicating a symbol in the schematic.

I start from a blank page, pick a symbol in the library (let say Amplifier_Audio/IR4301), place it on the schematic and if I use the “INS” hotkey, the symbol appears with some random offset to the cursor.

This happens with KiCad 6.0.0 and KiCad 6.0.1 under Windows 10. Not with KiCad 5.99.0-9118 Windows 10.

Does anybody else noticed that?



Hello, I also use Win 10, it works for me as it should. I’ve set it up so that I keep inserting the component until I click Cancel.

I am also seeing this behavior on Linux Mint.
I am also seeing quite different behavior for different schematic symbols.

If I place a capacitor (“a”, “c”, [Enter]), place it and then [Ins] the next one has a weird offset, that indeed changes.

If I place a resistor (“a”, “r”, [Enter]), place it and then [Ins] the placement is under the cursor, but only the “Value” text “R” is attached to the cursor.

It looks like this is going to be a bug report.
I’ve made a screen recording of it:

Thanks for conforming.

I reported the bug: issues 10619

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