KiCad 6.0.0 Schematic Drag Block

KiCad v5 used to have a useful feature, drag block, that would compress wires while dragging selected components. Does that feature not exist in 6.0.0 any more? I’m not finding it and Drag does not act the same way.

Drag does work as expected when no wires are selected. That seems to be my hang up, just slightly different behavior.

It’s been a long time since I’ve used V5 and I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but also be aware that there are two different move actions: M (Move) moves everything you have selected & does not keep wires connected, while G (Grab/draG) moves everything but does keep wires connected. I think G is more or less the behavior you’re describing.

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In 6.0.0, if you select components only it drags fine, but select wires that connect to other components and wires start moving as if Moved. I can make a quick gif comparison if that helps.

when you say “drag” are you referring to the Drag hotkey action (G), or to a mouse click-and-drag action (in v6 at least that initiates a box selection, or if there’s an item under your cursor it might move/drag it depending on your settings)?

In general eeschema in V6 has a different selection model than V5 and the block actions paradigm from V5 is pretty much gone, although you should be able to accomplish the same things even if it’s a bit different. Like I said, I haven’t used V5 in a long time so I don’t remember all the details :slight_smile:

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Alright so a few hours of schematic editing later, v6 just has a more consistent selection and dragging behavior. If a wire is selected to be dragged in the direction its running, it won’t compress, just like it should work! I think block drag in v5 treated those same lines differently. Intentional potato quality video example below.

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