Kicad 5 - 'wxWidgets Debug Alert' Error (Windows)

Hello everyone,

I just recently installed Kicad version 5. All the installation and so on went well without problems but when I went onto the PCB Layout and clicked the Tools tab I get the following error:


I was using Kicad version 4 without error before so i don’t know if it is an error with the new version or some other problem.

Also I tried uninstalling the previous version first and reinstalling Kicad5 again but didn’t work either.

Some help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


My guess is you are using windows?

There has been a mistake in the original installer. Download the most recent windows version of kicad and re-install it. This should fix the problem.


Yes, I am using windows 7. I downloaded the installer again and now it all works fine.


Did it work now? I am having the same problem. Did you download KiCad again or used the same installer?

We have updated the installer to fix the assert dialog (which shouldn’t have been shown in a Release build), so using the same installer wouldn’t work.

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Yes, it worked. Just download the installer again and reinstall it.

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