Kicad 5 - 'wxWidgets Debug Alert' Error (Windows)

Hello everyone,

I just recently installed Kicad version 5. All the installation and so on went well without problems but when I went onto the PCB Layout and clicked the Tools tab I get the following error:


I was using Kicad version 4 without error before so i don’t know if it is an error with the new version or some other problem.

Also I tried uninstalling the previous version first and reinstalling Kicad5 again but didn’t work either.

Some help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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My guess is you are using windows?

There has been a mistake in the original installer. Download the most recent windows version of kicad and re-install it. This should fix the problem.

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Yes, I am using windows 7. I downloaded the installer again and now it all works fine.


Did it work now? I am having the same problem. Did you download KiCad again or used the same installer?

We have updated the installer to fix the assert dialog (which shouldn’t have been shown in a Release build), so using the same installer wouldn’t work.

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Yes, it worked. Just download the installer again and reinstall it.

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