KiCad 5 - where are eeschema plugins located in Ubuntu?

Just installed KiCad 5 in Ubuntu (sudo apt install kicad) and I’m trying to work through the “Getting Started in KiCad” guide.

Section 4.1.58 says

By default there is no plugin active. You add one, by clicking on Add Plugin button. Select the *.xsl file you want to use, in this case, we select bom2csv.xsl.

xsl files are located at: /usr/lib/kicad/plugins/

However, I can’t find bom2csv.xsl anywhere on the system.

Did I miss something during the install process for KiCad 5? Should I create /usr/lib/kicad/plugins/ manually and download into the directory?

The documentation is outdated here. Quite all the plugins are platform independent and so they are not stored in /usr/lib/... but within /usr/share/kicad/plugins/. Plugins are installed by the kicad package.

No, never do install anything outside your Home directory if you not really knew what your are doing. Like seen here, the documentation is probably wrong. The other possibility is that the packaging could be wrong. Both things needs fixing if happen.

I can’t find the bom xsl files in the ubuntu package.

If you had kicad 4 installed previously and want to use the official lib then you might need to check if the fp-lib-table has the correct entries now. (Normally it will still point to the old v4 entries. Can be easily seen by having the ic package libs called Housing instead of the new Package)

Which “Ubuntu” package? Or at least which version of Ubuntu. A quick look into the package for 18.04 (from js-reynaud) shows me the plugins are really not in there and this looks like an error within the packaging for me.

Unfortunately Ubuntu isn’t pulling kicad from Debian (anymore?), there I have changed/fixed the installation within the preparations for 5.0.0~rc3.

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