Kicad 5 - unable to associate files in cv pcb due to missing libraries

Hi all,

I am still pretty new to Kicad and require some help setting up.
I have just done a fresh install of Kicad 5 and everything was successfully installed and I even drew out a schematic of a couple projects that went pretty well.

The issue I am facing is when I try to associate footprints with the schematic symbols in CVPCB. On Kicad 4 all of the inbuilt footprints used to show up and was pretty straightforward in terms of pairing symbols and footprints.

Majority of the inbuilt libraries are missing, maybe just the THT and SMD caps are showing up, but the rest is just empty. Below are some screenshots showing the issue:

CVPCB showing the resistor_THT without any footprints.

Not sure if I have to add or change anything here, these were defaults under Preference>Configure Paths:

The same goes for Preferences>Manage Footprint Libraries, these were all there by default:

Below is a screen shot of where the .pretty folders were installed by default:

I am looking for any advise or help as to how to solve this issue, I cannot move on with my projects without figuring this out.

Appreciate any help on this matter.

It might not be because of missing libs. You have all filters active at the same time meaning you might have contradictory orders given to kicad resulting in 0 matching footprints.

Read this faq entry to get more information: How can i assign a footprint to a symbol?

More detail here: you have the “by symbol settings” filter enabled. The symbol for capacitors searches for footprints with the prefix C_. The resistor lib holds footprints that have the prefix R_. So either disable that filter, or select the Capacitor_THT lib.

Oh wow, that was pretty simple. Serves me right for not going through the manual.

Thanks for the help. The footprints are showing up as expected.

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