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I have been using KiCAD for several years and now I have decided to upgrade to version 6. I have taken into account that you have to pay a duty, that there will be problems. I converted almost everything without problems I just had to update the position of the 3d files in my objects. So all right. Then I realized that I also changed the standard libraries, not to be done, but what should I do when the step file is not present? or do I want to change the position of the pin in object in the schematic to make the schematic more readable? i am editing the standard libraries. and I should save them, besides the fact that I can’t update them, what do you recommend …

Editing the standard libraries is a very bad idea, exactly for the trouble you have gotten yourself into now.

KiCad V5 has a very big dependency on schematic symbols from (external) libraries. Therefore a part of my workflow has always been to extract all used schematic symbols for each project and put them in a project specific library. even if they look the same as the default library symbols.
That makes a project independent from external libraries, and also ensures that I can open a project made in KiCad V4 in KiCad V42 when that version is released.

The leaders of the KiCad project have made a promise that KiCad will always be able to load projects from older KiCad versions, but you are responsible for ensuring that the info that KiCad needs is available.

In KiCad V6 this has become a lot easier, because the (frankly quite horrible ) dependency on external libraries for schematic symbols has finally been fixed.
I do not bother much with the 3D models. The’re nice to have for test fitting during design of a project, but I do not find them important enough to archive them with my projcts.

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