KiCad 5 on Debian 9


Trying to install KiCad 5 on Debian 9.

If I pull the packages from SID I get dependency issues trying to install the
kicad_5.0.0_rc2+dfsg1-2_i386.deb package
Further I would really like an amd64 version.

I tried to add experimental to my sources.list.d but I am not getting the KiCad 5 packages showing up.


Kicad 5 has not yet been officially released. You can however install nightlies or i think for some debian system there might be a package for the release candidate.


Recently I spend some time for maintenance (over several weeks) to make a dual boot from the old mint 17 to debian buster.
KiCad 4.0.7 would not run on Debian Buster (is that 10?) because of som conflict with I think it was wxPython.
After I discovered that FreeCAD also would not run natively under Buster, I scrapped the whole Debian idea. Maybe next year…


If you’re really determined you could try compiling it yourself: SOLVED: Compiling V5 RCs on Debian


KiCAD 5 for SID will run if you are running “Testing” You will need 2 or 3 dependencies but it does work. I installed it over the weekend :slight_smile: But keep in mind, this was install on Testing, not 9. SID of course, will have all the dependencies it needs.

No issues after the install, all worked as expected. As usual, YMMV.



Thank you - I already had the other parts installed without error.
The package you linked installed for me without error.
I was able to run it. Now I can see if it works overall.

Again thank you


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