KiCad 5 Interactive router: minimum distance routing

I have used KiCad 4 for quiet a while now but recently updated to Version 5. I always used the OpenGL canvas and Interactive Router in “Walk Around” mode to create bus-like structures with minimum distance between the tracks.

Since the update to Ver 5 this does not work anymore for me, as the track I want to route just disappeares as I get closer to the existing tracks.

I made a video to demonstrate:
In Ver 4 when I got closer to the existing tracks, the new track fitted itself to the existing ones with the exact distance set by the clearance.

Does anybody have the same problem or found a solution for it?

Please post a bug report about this to

Include your full version information (copied from Help->About KiCad->Copy Version Information) and, ideally, a copy of you kicad_pcb file that has the issue.

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