Kicad 5 - duplicate component and save as new name

Although I saw some posts regarding this issue, I still did not find an answer to my needs.
I am using only my own libraries.
I have component A in a certain library.
I would like to use it to create a new component in the same library.
What used to be possible in version 4 seems to be impossible in version 5.
If I simply copy the component and paste it back into the library the resulting component is automatically called A_0 and I cannot change its name (the value field cannot be edited).
The only thing that works is to open the component -select and copy the graphics only - create a new component - paste the drawing. This obviously copies only the graphics but none of the fields.

Is it not possible to duplicate and save under a new name as it was done in version 4?

What does “component” mean to you? KiCad has symbols and footprints and they are handled a bit differently (in the recent versions).

I meant symbols (functionality of library editor in eeschema)

Edit the component A_0 and modify its component name inside the editor, not in the left side tree.
Then, select the component in the tree (it has an *) and click on the save icon.

You might be interested in this tutorial. It showcases a lot of features for the kicad 5 (and even future 5.1) symbol editor. Tutorial: How to make a symbol (KiCad v5.1.x)
Part of it is an explanation of how to copy symbols and rename them.

OK - made it.
It is odd that if you edit the name in the graphic area it allows you to change it, but if you try to do it in the “edit filed properties” screen you cannot.

This actually brings up another question - in the graphic area the field is called “component name” while in the filed properties screen it is called “value”.
I always found it odd that there is no actual filed to “component name” and “value” is the singular field that identifies the component. This is sometime a problem. Say I have two resistors in the same library, both 10k only different power (or accuracy) - I would expect to be able to give each its own name and have them both with the same value. As it is now I have to give them different values that identify both resistance and power/accuracy, but this causes problems in displaying. Seems that right now the only proper way to handle it is to hide the value field, add a custom field for resistance and have it displayed.

this was a bug. It is fixed in current nightly. (meaning v5.1 will behave differently here)

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