Kicad 5.99: even harder to work with Fully defined parts

Hi KiCad-ers,

I’m playing with 5.99, and just found that the changes to symbols management make it even harder to work with fully-defined libraries (the one that stores full component information; and requires to change the symbol each time different part is needed – e.g. when changing resistor value or package).

In Kicad 5.1, when I wanted to change existing symbol I could browse symbols with option to quickly filter by typing in the text.
In current 5.99, it’s requires much more steps to update a single symbol: symbol Properties > Change symbol > New symbol (click Browse)
which opens another windows: Library browser without direct search, where I can click “Select symbol to browse” (???)
Massive overhead.
Do you have any practical experience with working with fully-defined parts in the 5.99?

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