KiCAD 5.99 5.99 text editing minor issues

There is a small problem in deleting characters in the text box. The backspace key operation is not abnormal, but the DEL key UTF-8 will become like this, and then press DEL to delete them in stages.

I’ve made a change that might fix this. Of course I have neither a double-byte setup nor a delete key (Mac laptops only have backspace), so who knows.

But if you could test it after the next nightly gets built that would be great…

(It’s commit 9975b8fb1041693bbc95d0515939bdd63328e16c if you build your own.)

After confirmation, there was an error on “kicad-msvc.r23238.46701c1195-x86_64.exe”, which was corrected on “kicad-msvc.r23240.00f1b609c4-x86_64.exe”.

Thank you :wink:

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