KiCad 5.1.9 is coming soon

Just noticed the 5.1.9 is tagged for release, so we can expect official packages soon.
There are some fixes implemented, so might be a good update for those encountering issues with current 5.1.8.

I already have it.
Several PPAs on my system broke a week ago and had to be reinstalled. Then I suddenly had 5.1.9 (a couple of hours ago).

My work files survived, lucky me :slight_smile:

I can see it’s also available for Windows, only not published on the official website:

This is a very worthwhile update.
As usual BACK UP YOUR WORK first, but breakage is very unlikely

Aye, you may see the downloads there before we announce. We wait until at least macos, windows and a distro or two are updated before we announce.

It would be silly to announce availability of V5.1.9 before it it can be installed.

I think I installed V5.1.8 two or 3 days before it was announced on the KiCad website.

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