Kicad 5.1.6 eeschema not responding

(it’s may be difficult to read this because I’m poor at English. Sorry.)

I installed KiCad v5.1.6 a few days ago. Downloading and installing went well.
But after installing, eeschema doesn’t open forever, and I have to force it to quit. Other programs( like Pcbnew, gerbview etc) works well.
I did my best, but I couldn’t solve this. I am not handy with computer, and this is my first time to use KiCad.
My pc is running on windows7 professional 32bit and meets the operating environment.
What should I do to solve this?

Sorry to hear you are having problems.
I suggest removing kicad and then installing again.

Make sure you have the 32 bit version. Scroll down this page for the 32 bit files.

You probably have an old machine. Some graphics hardware/drivers, especially old, have problems with OpenGL.

If the eeschema configuration file %appdata%\kicad\eeschema has the line


try changing the number to 2 when KiCad is closed and then start again.

Everything worked well ! Thank you so much!

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