Kicad 5.1.6 crash on start - help

HI, Running on High Sierra , 5.1.6 eschema was running fine. ( I have a whole project done ) Then suddenly eschema crashes ( spinning wheel ) , I reinstalled 5.1.6 , but still even if I create a new blank project , Eeschema open up a blank sheet with a title outline and crashes ( I’m running from the project manager )
pcbnew is running fine

haven’t a clue what to do next

PS: I reinstalled the applications and tried right click and " open in a new " tab " and tried schema directly , it started displayed a blank title and crashes. PCBNew runs fine


Update, cleared all hidden files ( Kicad files are everywhere on the Mac ) , rebooted fresh download , eschema is working

phew, thats scary, no idea what happened though

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The KiCad preferences are in ~/Library/Preferences/kicad on macOS. If you are ever in this situation again, it is easy to simply rename the preference file to something else like eeschema_old and then relaunch the application. A default preference file will be regenerated. Comparing the two files might give a clue as to what went wrong.

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Thanks , good to know , the dependence on one tool for this type of cad leaves you feeling vulnerable

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