KiCad 5.1.2 - Raycasting in orthographic mode doesn't render board (at some angles)

I’m having an issue with the 3D viewer, specifically when viewing boards in raycasting mode using the orthographic projection. I’m running KiCad 5.1.2 on Windows 10.

When I look at it at certain angles, the board body (and things on it - copper, solder mask, silk screen) aren’t rendered, like this:


OpenGL mode doesn’t have that problem with the same board.

I’ve checked the bug tracker and seen the issue with multiple board bodies defined, but I don’t think that’s what’s happening here. Seems to happen with every board I throw at it, even ones that worked fine in KiCad 5.0.x.

It’s specific to orthographic mode - if I switch to perspective mode it renders fine. It’s also specific to certain view angles. From the preset views, top, bottom, and front have the issue, while left, right, and back do not.

My suspicion is that it occurs when the rotation on two of the 3 axes is 0, but I haven’t dug deeply enough to confirm that.

Is this a known issue, or something wrong with my board(s) or settings? Or have I found something worth putting up on the bug tracker?

I can confirm in 5.1.2 under Win7/64. Seems a bug.

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Yes I can confirm too, views from straight above or below in orthographic mode does not show the board. I would not hesitate to report it on launchpad.


Please report this on Launchpad, you have a nice repeatable bug that has already been confirmed by another user. Developers like fixing reproducible bugs.


Thanks all. Issue has been reported on Launchpad:


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