KiCad 5.1.10 not allowing via in keepout zone, even though "keepout vias" is not selected

Hey folks,

Running into an issue with keepout zones. I have an area on my board with some sensitive supporting passives for some analog circuitry. I have a keepout around those components and a fence. Keep out tracks and pours is selected, but not vias, since I need to drop down and connect these components to the IC below.

I can start a trace on the front layer, and then when pressing ‘V’ or selecting to send a buried via to layer 5 or bottom, it just doesn’t do it. It will snap my cursor to the edge of the keepout, and hit a wall (the fence). So I’m stuck. I can, however, manually place an individual via and set it up.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?


If you are Excluding Tracks… How would you place a via without a track. It is preventing you from running a trace, just as you requested.

Unless you are attempting to tie top and bottom fill areas.

Thanks for the point @iabarry. The keepout is not present on the front, In5, and bottom layers. So, checking the logic here… I should be able to route traces on front, and drop a via (and via only) to either In5 or bottom, and then route on those layers (and those layers only). Am I misunderstanding the feature?

The use case here, just to elaborate, is that In1 is 1V8, In2 is digital signal, In4 and 5 are ground, and In6 is 5V. In5 is analog signal, hence why it is permitted.

Maybe, under the hood, KiCAD can only allows a via if tracks are allowed as well? Is a via classed as a track, somehow? I’ll need to test that out tomorrow.

@iabarry do you know a workaround, perhaps? Currently, my strategy is to route the rest of the board with these keepouts, and then at the end remove the trace keepout and get this part of the board done. I must have copper pours kept out as this region is noise sensitive.

A normal via exists on ALL layers.

Blind via exists an outside and internal layers, but it still exists on All intermediate layers. A via from layer 2 to 6, will also exist on 3,4,5. This is necessary as the pcb is fabricated as multiple 2 layer boards and glued together. Each 2 layer board needs to have pads to allow for a plated through hole.

Buried vias exist only on internal layers.

Sorry, I’m doing this on my phone.

I believe, without testing, that you need to be able to route Traces on the beginning and ending layers.

I still think you are trying to route traces where prohibited. Try some test routes without vias to be sure.

Am I actually helping :thinking:

If that relevant here? The keepout zone doesn’t prevent the drawing of vias.

I’d assume that this is a bug with the V key feature while routing and would try to draw the via manually using the via tool.

Bug or workflow assumption.

When you use V a via is dropped but placing a track also start and this might be the issue due to the keepout rules stopping tracks.

Try placing a via from the UI

Just checked the hotkeys and the “V” key is explictly for placing a via at the end of a track (v5.99 has improved description).
So the issue is more you can’t track within the zone (because of the keepout) to place the via.

I do believe now that it is a bug. And I found another one with the feature: The keep out for traces does not block if the trace does not have a net associated. Very minor cause I can imagine that doesn’t come up much.

Anyway, back to the issue with vias. @Naib Only way I could get a via to place is manually with the toolbar “Add vias” button. Nothing else works: hot keys, right-click menu, etc.

@Naib, to your second point, shouldn’t I be able to track on the layers which do no have keepout zones? I should be able to start a trace on the front layer, drop a blind via to In5, and continue to route. In this scenario, only vias are present on the keepout layers, which should be legal.

I think it must be some bug where, since I am trying to place the via while in the routing tool, it classes the via as a conflicting “trace” and rejects it.

Playing with it this morning, unchecking the “keep out traces” attribute allows me to tie non-kept-out layers together with blind vias. I can use this as a workaround for now, and just be mindful not to route things through that zone.

V places a via, not necessarily at the End of a track. It is at any location where you wish to change layers.

It may be that the prohibition of a Via on ANY layer prevents placing a Via, and vias usually have tracks attached.

If you are placing a Via NOT attached to a track, you are doing it wrong. The Via will not be associated with a net and it will be impossible to attach a trace without changing the net name of the Via.

In Kicad you route Traces by starting on a component pad, which has a net. Then you route to other pads on the same net.

Your statement above indicates you are attempting to place traces and vias independent of nets. This is bad practice at a minimum and is prohibited when Enforce DRC While Routing" is enabled.

I don’t think there is a bug, you just aren’t using the tool correctly.

If you place a via by itself, it will have no net or the net of the fill zone in which you have placed the via.

I don’t think so. I went and checked. The behaviour is very consistent between 5.1.x and 5.99, the only difference is the description field has been added in 5.99

V on its own when you are not tracking swaps layers.

What the OP wants is CTRL-SHIFT-V

Correct but it doesn’t work even though I’m specifying a valid layer. Nothing works if I try to drop a via while I’m in the trace tool. I’ll try to put together a test case board in 5.1.10 and post a bug report. I’ll submit a write up on gitlab tomorrow for the devs.

Naib - I believe that we are in agreement regarding operation, but differing in terminology. Not a problem.

Tarasjg - I think your problem is in regard to TRACES within a Keepout Zone. Try changing the exclusion to Only Fill on all layers and see what you get.

In this video Chris shows how to do Blind & Buried vias. See if you are following this process.

If your need is just void in a zone fill to improve SNR, just use “Add zone cutout” instead of the “Keepout”.
These are two different ways to place voids in your fills.

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