KiCad 5.1.0 Symbol Pin Issues?


Tonight I have had several issues with V5.1.0 and not all of the issues have been repeatable.

This Up-Rev has been the worst experience I have ever had with KiCad software.


Both pin 1 and pin 8 are assigned as pins “Not Connected”.


Did you experience any hangup or crash?

What’s the problem in the example? Yeah, pins can be “Not Connected” and still have a wire, nothing new there…


I am confused what your complaint is. Is it the line width? If so then go into the properties dialog it can be changed here.

As @eelik wrote it was always possible to connect NC pins. Even if they where hidden. (This is the reason why we put NC pins inside the symbol outline on the official lib.)
ERC will however complain about it.

If your complaint is about a different thing then please try to explain it in a bit more detail.


I’m with EElik and Rene here.
I can’t even find a question in your post.


Pins 1 and 8 are defined in the symbol as “Not Connected”. However, both pins 1 and 8 initially showed the “lacking a connection circle”. Note that pin 8, with the connection, no longer has the “lacking a connection circle”. These pins are visually behaving in the manner of other pins that are intended to be connected to a net; I do not remember that being the behaviour before.

The DataSheet for this particular part specifies that there should be no connections to these pins. However, the ERC does NOT complain that a net, from pin 4, is connected to pin 8.


What is the pintype of pin 4? I get an error when connecting nc to passive, output, input and power input (did not care to check more than these.)
ERC does not complain if i have the NC pin not connected to anything.

Is it possible you changed the ERC errormap? (It is user editable. Use the reset to default button to get back to the default settings.)

I used a week old nightly as i have not been patient enough to wait for the 5.1 download to finish for answering here. Meaning it could still be a very recent bug. (I will test in 5.1 once the installation is finished and report back what i see.)

Edit: tested now in 5.1 under ubuntu: connecting an NC pin to any of the pintypes listed above creates an ERC error as defined in the default error matrix.

The only thing i can conform is that the connection point of the pin is marked in 5.1 now. This might be considered i minor bug. (But could also be seen as a feature as it kind of communicates where the pin is actually located. Meaning it is now more like other pin types. Report it and see what the devs think the correct behavior should be.)


The connection point for Hidden Pins is also now marked; and not connected as before (I’m fairly certain this is a constant issue).