KiCad 5.0 RC1 for Windows


where can i find the RC1 of KiCad 5.0 for Windows?
I didn’t found anything about it.

Must i compile the RC1 ?
Can i do this with Windows 10 ?


When is ready it will be announced at

In the meantime you could try a “nightly build” which are available at but first read
Is it a good idea to use a nightly build version?

Ok thank you.
I thought that the RC1 was released because i’d read some topics about the RC1.

It has been released, but only as an announcement in the mailing list and as a git source tree tag. Ubuntu was the first OS to receive compiled packages, some others will follow. The situation is a bit strange because if the RC1 is now packaged it will be behind the nightly builds, and the nightly builds are going towards RC2 and the final 5.0.0. In the master source code there will be only bug fixes and other small fixes until 5.0.0 final. After that version 5 branch is kept separate and the feature development will continue in the master code. Nightly builds follow the master. So you are relatively safe if you use a recent nightly build.

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The Windows Nightly builds linked from the website also describe themselves as RC2 now, actually they are on the path to RC2

Ok, thank you very much!

It is strange at GitHub repo there is only a tag for RC and not a branch…

As I said, master is used for 5.0 development until the final release. v6 development happens in private repos until 5.0.0 final has been released. After that v5 will be branched.

There was a lot of discussion about when the branch should be made. It was decided that it is not worth branching now as it creates more workload for the lead developers without any real benefit to anyone contributing.

More details see:
I think this is the message that kind of informed the development team about this decision:

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Yes, nightly download I did recently from

tags the version as

Version: (5.0.0-rc2-dev-44-gde6b32d23), release build

Curiously, the exe file is tagged kicad-r9637.de6b32d23-x86_64.exe but the easier to read r9637 is missing from the Version info ?

I don’t know where the “rev number” comes from, it’s not in git. It might be generated by the Windows build script, maybe a simple count of number of commits in that branch.

I guess that depends on how you define “released”, but making a tag is not really a release. It’s a signal to packagers perhaps, there is still a lot of other work such as documents, translations, library stuff etc. Even if there is an Ubuntu build, that is still one of many. The release process has started, but is not finished.

OTOH, when Wayne posts a blog message then it is certainly released.

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