Kicad 5.0 OpenGL?


I can’t find how to switch to OpenGL when updated to kicad 5.0. Is it possible? It was too useful.


As I have read for kicad 5 OpenGL would be default.
I have installen nighty few days ago, only to check Export functions.
I see there in Preferences menu the F9, F11, F12 hotkeys.


It wasn’t by default but I forgot about hotkeys. Thanks, F11 helped me!
Now it’s called Modern Toolset with hardware-accelerated graphics.


Yes, it’s thought to be more descriptive. “OpenGL” etc. doesn’t say much about what it actually is for KiCad and users.


More than a reply, this is a question: I’m running OpenGL 3.3 but Kicad 5 said that “OpenGL 2.1 or higher is required!”

Any hints? I’m running Linux Mint 19.


Please post this as a bug report to Be sure to include your full version information.


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