KiCad 5.0.0 for Windows

I would like to clarify a couple of things about the two builds of V5.0.0 for Windows 64 bit

There is now a rebuild with a few extra commits, which fix the wxWidgets Debug Error assert box popping up.
Does anybody know what other commits in the V5.0 branch are included, especially did it include

The two versions are different sizes, so now we have to be careful which 5.0.0 is being reported.

@davidsrsb Do you have a recommendation at the moment as to which is prefered?

Or, perhaps, just wait a little bit longer for a more logical solution to be worked out?

The wxWidgets Error is annoying, but I have not yet had any other problems that I can directly tie to KiCad. Iā€™d like to download a solution on 27JUL18 as that will let me manage my data limits (due to the it being such a large download).

@davidsrsb Extra commits are not included. The 5.0 installer was rebuilt using the 5.0 tag and not the branch. The asserts being gone was due to wrong compilation settings that allowed asserts to happen and these settings exist outside the main source repo. The commit you see for the assert would have fixed it if the compilation settings didnt change.


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