KiCad 4 released!

KiCad 4 was just released! Installers should roll out over the next couple of days.

The blog post with more details can be found here:



Thx for the dev teams releasing the 4.0.0 stable.
I am glad to hear this news.

I wish translators could have the couple of days
to update GUI i18n and docs
before binary packaging formally.


Many thanks for the developers for the awesome work!

I was looking for the download link in the main website, but it seems to direct to RC versions still

Is the new stable already available?

Packages are still being finalized. So far Ubuntu looks like it is pretty much done (docs still need their version number to be updated). OpenSUSE is done. Windows should be done in the next day or two, and hopefully OS X as well.

FWIW the nightlies will be very, very similar to the stable for another week or two. Wayne (the lead dev) asked people to wait another little bit before sending in tons of patches so he could have a break. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kudos to Wayne and the team! I thank you on behalf of Electronics Engineers :wink: