Kicad 4.03 , Mouse moving 1 not connected

I am really satisfied about using KiCAD 4.03.
I have made a schematic and the board.

Running “design rule check” gives no errors, but under in my window I read 1 not connected.
After saving and reopening the PCB I see under in my screen 0 not connected.
Moving my mouse pointer over the PCB, 1 not connected shows up.,but the DRC gives no error.

The question is, is my PCB having a small problem or is Kicad making a small mistake?:
As new forum member I cannot loadup my design.
greeting Philip

I’ve seen this often, not sure what’s going on, but I have never had a board prototype return with an unconnected net. It is a bug.

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Thanks for replying so fast.

Knowing its a bug I can order my PCB board.

greeting Philip

Do you do you DRC check when the screen is on OpenGL mode? If yes its bound to give unreliable results. Just change your screen to default mode before running DRC.

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Indeed I did the DRC in OpenGLmode.
When I leave this mode and choose for the standard mode.its works fine
thanks for the answer