Kicad 4.0.7 Pcbnew Highlight Net


I am wondering how to highlight and un-highlight nets in the default viewer in Pcbnew in Kicad 4.0.7. I know how to do it in the modern viewers with CTL+Click , however I only use the default or legacy viewer because I find it much easier to see everything that I need. In the new viewers everything but the selected layer is near invisible for me and I find it very hard to work in that environment.

I have seen one other forum post about this and the answer was select the tool in the toolbar, however I do not believe that there is a tool in the toolbar because I have searched many times on my version of the program.

The reason I ask is because somehow nets become highlighted and I can’t figure out what un-highlights them. Usually it is GND that becomes highlighted for me.

Yes I do plan on upgrading to 5 soon, but I have a project that I started in 4 so I am sticking with it for now.

Thank you in advance.

The second icon from top on the right tool bar.

Click with the middle button on the color square of a layer on the layers manager toolbar.
Then play with “opacity” till you find yourself comfortable. It takes some time to get used to the modern toolset

I don’t think kicad 4 had transparency for the open gl canvas. This might be a new addition to version 5.

Hey Pedro,

Thanks for the answers. I will definitely look into the opacity options once I switch to version 5. Those are some good tips and I do think that I have just been using default view for so long that going to the modern canvas is really hard visually.

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