KiCAD 4.0.5 missing symbols from v .4.0.4


I’ve just updated KiCAD to the latest release 4.0.5 and some components are missing like switches. Or are they moved to a different place?


They will have been moved…

Please be more specific where. I cannot find any switch push buttons anymore.

Please be specific what part you are looking for!

I guess buttons and switches are now somewhere else.

Hold on, footprints are there but the symbol for a push button switch is not available anymore or it is late hour and I can’t see it.

Anyway, thanks.

So why didn’t you say you were looking for a symbol??

Why can’t you tell us exactly what you are looking for, is it a secret?

You don’t go into a shop and say “I’m looking for a tin of something” do you?

Thanks a lot. Got it.

I have a feeling this is going to be an FAQ…

Changed the title. I noticed many .pretty libraries had been renamed, not noticed the symbol library change.
I think the website could do with a blog entry about these changes

You may go into a shop and say “I’m looking for a Coke, and can’t find it!”
What you were looking for was a bottle of coke, and you’re in the bottles department, and it’s not there.
Your answer was “the cans of coke are in the cans department.” Which is true, but doesn’t help the original question.

Honestly, I think your response here is not helpful. If you think “component” can mean both “symbol” and “footprint” then you should ask which one is meant. Personally, I understood the question perfectly, because I had exactly the same problem. To me, “component” and “footprint” is an understood distinction.

And, given that the “switch.lib” library is not part of the default libraries for a default install, yes, this will be a FAQ until such time as it can be added back to the defaults.

Oh, so sorry you found my help inadequate. I won’t bother trying to help in future.

Don’t be so negative about it.
I understand why it is sometimes difficult to know what is meant.
(And the original poster did not make it easy.)

@jwatte: One month later you see the whole conversation. Also remember the title has been edited. Both of this make it easier to infer what is meant.

Also remember that for some people here English is not their first language. It might be harder to understand things sometimes. (And these people might not have the correct words when answering. I for example struggle a lot with that. Sometimes my posts need multiple trips to a translator.)

But you are right, some remarks could have been done in a more polite way.

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To clear things up about how this is organized:


Even I am facing the same issue in KiCad 4.05. Where is the symbol of a push button and switch located ? I can’t find it by searching in the components library.

Any info regarding this will be really helpful


We had a post on here a few weeks ago about this stuff:

Hi Rene

Thanks for the link!
Looks like I have to separately install the switches library.