Kicad 4.0.5 Failing to open dialog for library assitant


The problem is that when clickin on the library assitant option in the Preference menu I get this error:

./src/common/filefn.cpp(1685): assert “Assert failure” failed in wxParseCommonDialogsFilter(): missing ‘|’ in the wildcard string!

The problem is appearing on Debian Stable install using KDE and Kicad 4.0.5

Can any one tell me how this problem can be fixed? From what I’ve read it stems from wx for python. however it is not clear how to fix:

I’d appreciate any help

Does the problem still persist if you update to 4.0.7?
Can you post a screenshot of the full error message?

I just migrated away from the packaged release to the nightlies. I’ve notice a lot of updates recently. Is this a new problem after the system updates?

4.0.5 was released last December and is long obsoleted by 4.0.7.
As you have found wxPython version changes seem to cause KiCad many problems

Hi, Is there any way install 4.0.7 withouth having to build kicad from source? I don’t know how to upgrade other than this. I don’t want o have to update the entire operating system just for kicad. There is a resason I chose stable.

Thansk for any help.

PS: As for posting the full error message, I need to install this in a computer that is my responsibility but not my own. I don’t know how to reproduce the error. I’ll try to post a screen shot later.

Odd that Stretch doesn’t have a 4.0.7 package prebuilt

According to this, in order to get 4.0.7 you need testing:

Ok. I got the nightly build to work, but now I have another problem. I’m changing the thread since the problem is clearly solved by using newer versions of Kicad.

Debian is like RedHat in terms of being stable instead of running current software. A few years back I was playing with SageMath. Kind of funny that their live version was based on Debian stable but NO version was in the repository at the time. They wanted the stable build platform but not the hoops of the Debian process to get included.

Yeah I know, that stable is usually far from current. It’s the idea. That it’s been tested and it works. Which is why is such a hassle when it doesn’t. Like it did with this particular program.