Kicad 4.0.4 Windows installer downloads broken?

When I try downloading 4.0.4 “stable” installers from here here, only old versions (eg 4.0.2) work.

Does anyone have a link to a working download of the latest version of KiCad for Windows?

The package at:
installed on my machines just three days ago.


Thanks Dale. I’d prefer to install a stable build, but perhaps nightly builds are an option.

I have a 4.0.4 64 bit Windows 7 working fine. I wonder if the server has been tampered or if there is a 4.0.5 being deployed. I don’t have access to a computer for a few days to check myself

Seems to work fine for me. What exactly doesn’t work?

It’s possible your antivirus or Windows has blocked it.

I’ve been using the nightly builds for about a year without any problems I’m aware of. But then, my applications aren’t very demanding of KiCAD’s capabilities so subtle bugs, or bugs related to KiCAD’s advanced capabilities, would probably escape my notice. I DID download and successfully install the 4.0.4 package when it was released about 3 months ago. I considered that “stale news”, since the files could have become corrupted in the interim, so I mentioned a very recent installation that succeeded for me.


Thanks folks. The 4.0.4 download is still not working from the network where I originally had the problem (work internal), but I am able to download from my phone (via the work “guest” WiFi network), so it’s clearly a network or computer specific problem (still doesn’t work on my laptop from the guest WiFi network, or from an Ubuntu desktop PC on our wired network). Shrug!

I have been bitten by bugs in Nightly. Naturally this happened when I had to get a board out, so I had to report the bug and it was fixed the next day.
More importantly, a Nightly file cannot be opened by 4.0.4 and there is no way to export the stable version

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[quote=“davidsrsb, post:8, topic:4568, full:true”]
I have been bitten by bugs in Nightly. Naturally this happened when I had to get a board out, so I had to report the bug and it was fixed the next day. . . . . [/quote]
I withdraw my previous comment in deference to the Voice of Experience.

(And, I commend the development team for correcting the shortcomings so quickly.)

Now, THAT is DEFINITELY disturbing! Is this mentioned in, e.g., a “User Manual”, “Getting Started” guide, "Release Notes, etc?

It is apparently a unidirectional incompatibility. My installation of the latest nightly build opens old project files (.pro), schematic files (.sch) and PCB files (*.kicad_pcb) with no problems, no warnings, etc. It seems to work all the way back to when I started doing actual work (not demos, or tutorials) with KiCAD around April of 2015.

(I presume you meant to say, “There is no way to export files that can be opened by the stable version.”.)

That seems short-sighted and silly. If the development team sincerely wants their latest efforts to be field-tested on real-world projects, rather than contrived test-cases, then the ability to save work in a format that can be accessed by a known-good version is almost essential.


At the moment I think you have to hack the file in a text editor, removing a field 4.0.x does not expect.
To me there are two issues:
KiCad should be able to import newer files, giving a warning about unknown data
Newer KiCad should have an option to save as the old version and highlight unsupported features used. Just like Word can still save as .doc

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I definitely agree with this concept, but eventually it becomes unwieldy. As I recall, when you command any of the M$ Office products to “Save As . . .” you have a choice of approx a dozen file formats for the saved document. Being able to save a file to the immediately previous file format, or (at most) previous two file formats, seems to be a more practical approach.

Perhaps mention MAJOR unsupported features, but listing all of them turns the “Save” dialog box into a copy of the Release Notes.

It’s a pretty tall order, to expect KiCAD (or any program) to look-forward and make sense out of future file formats, features and capabilities that may happen in the future, etc. Whether it’s a newer file format, or a botched effort to text-edit a file of the current format, the best I hope for is a gracious message such as “KiCAD encountered unknown data when importing the file. Unknown data types included the following {summary list}. Details were saved in the error file {filepath/filename}. KiCAD will attempt to display the imported file. Verify file accuracy before saving.”


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I am writing through an interpreter, if the encounter errors or nonsense forgive.
I downloaded the 4.0.4 version of 64-bit. for Windows. For the first time, I have not enjoyed similar programs, I tried to draw a diagram, and several functions, or rather the lack of them attracted the attention of:
1: There is no way to scale the elements, for example lead 2 conductors, insert a transformer, then a diode bridge. capacitor, and all of them in different sizes and you can not change is their scale, we have got to do as the wiring.
2 .: no way to directly eksprotirovat for example, in a photograph or a picture, which is also inconvenient.

  1. There is no simple way to scale a component symbol. Many simple passive parts are available in standard size and “small” size. For other parts it is easy to create your own symbols, eg a large transformer.
  2. eksprotirovat = extract? I think you are asking about copy and pasting bitmaps into schematics. You must remember that schematic diagrams are focused on pins and nets for creating netlists

Please download the new bug fix release 4.0.5, which will solve a few minor problems

Translator so moved, I asked about the export scheme as an image, a reverse process, I understand that it is very difficult, it would be possible to organize a course online converter images in clear program scheme, but I hope it will be in the future.
I just started the program and hope to Use it to learn and understand. :slight_smile: