KiCad 4.0.0, RC1

Did anyone mention it?

Anybody know if the github kicad-repo still tracks everything?

Not going back to BZR for sure.

Yep! Time to start spreading the word about it. :slight_smile: Hopefully builds for OS X come out soon as it probably needs the most testing.

Madworm - The kicad-source-mirror github repo still tracks the development branch, not the RC. I don’t the the libraries have been locked down for release yet.

How to download and install it with linux helper?
Where can I find the changelog?



It installed on Widows no problem. Just trying to install it on my laptop which has Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Followed the instructions here:

It shows up in Software Center and even pretends to be installing and shows as installed but there is no Kicad to run. When trying to run kicad from console is says it can be installed by sudo apt-get install kicad

That command fails because few 14.04 repositories are 0.01 version older (3.01 expecting 3.02) and adding utopic to sources and updating results in system upgrade to unstable 14.10. Even after all that 14.10 it still fails to install. At this point I give up because I need to do an actual work instead of fool around with chasing package dependencies.

It would be useful if KiCAD team tested releases against blank stable install of Ubuntu