KiCad 3D STP File issue

Dear KiCad expert,

How can I see the KiCad 3D STP Export file copper track???

When we see the 3D model over KiCad 3D Viewer its look very good and can see all component as well as copper track and vias and all thing with PCB board.

But when I export that PCB board as STP file and that STP file open over Solidworks / Online 3D viewer then I can not see the copper track as well as Vias I can see PCB board as well as all of component 3D I can not see all detail which is look very good over KiCad 3D Viewer.

Attach both 3D viewer image so you can easily figure out that issue.

So is that any way to do I want 3D STP Export file which can see the same as KiCad 3D viewer (Copper track and Vias).

Thank You,

KiCad 3D Viewer Look like.

KiCad’s built in export tool is pretty primitive.
Use StepUp tools instead

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Also, a general remark about that. The step export is mostly meant to aid your mechanical engineer in making a housing for your board or to integrate your board into a more complex system.

For this task they don’t need to know where copper is located. In fact it might even slow them down especially for larger more complex boards as the computer might struggle to deal with all these details.

The same is true for silk and mask layers. Both add basically nothing of use for the mechanical engineer which is why it is not really needed to have them and leafing them out will make their workflow easier.

Highly complex systems might even benefit from removing 3d models of uninteresting components or replacing them with simple shapes for further optimization. Both of these are also a feature of stepup as it can automatically remove certain models (by reference or footprint name, by size, …) and it can also replace models by a simply cuboid representing the bounding box of the part.

Which means it might be a good idea to state your usecase for why you want to have copper in the step file. It might be the case that a different approach will lead to better results for you.


If you really need the copper features, there are a variety of posts about FEM modelling for thermal analysis etc on this forum. As well as StepUp, there are some useful add on scripts to extract copper features.

But, generally, these features are not needed in MCAD.

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