KiCad 3d Models auto update

I’ve just moved (still moving) from eagle to KiCad and so far all looks good.I a having trouble with the 3D models. Is it by default that the 3D models needs to assigned like the footprints ? or does it do it automatically ?

Is there an option to update the 3D models from Github ? i tried updating it through the PCB window but gives the error below.

The 3d model is assigned to the footprint in the lib and it is a separate entity.
There is no provision for automatically downloading anything in kicad any longer as we discovered it is a really bad idea to simply let the software update library assets. (The user must be in the loop.)

I explained 3d model handling as part of the library management tutorial and as part of the how to make a footprint tutorial:

Regarding your assert please report this over at the bugtracker.
You might want to explain what actions you made to get to this point. (So a step by step explanation of what you did.)
Also include the version info from that you find via help->about->copy version info.

you may have a look at this script

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