KiCad 2020 End of Year Fund Drive

Happy Festivus and End of 2020!

We’re looking at the end of 2020, and I for one couldn’t be happier to bid goodbye to this year. We’ve had feats of strength, there have been airing of grievances, there have been some ups and downs for everyone in our community and I hope that you are ending the year on solid footing, with a high strength to weight ratio and looking forward to a more enjoyable 2021.

At KiCad Services, we’ve had a good year supporting professional users as they move to, use and grow their business with KiCad. We would be nothing without the community however, and so we are starting what I hope will become an annual tradition of giving back financially to the KiCad project.

Matching Donations

Between now and January 15, 2021, KiCad Services will be matching all donations to the KiCad EDA project through the Linux Foundation (up to $10,000). The KiCad project uses these funds to support new features, documentation, UI/UX design, bug fixing and community development. Now is your chance to make your support of KiCad go even further than before.

If 2020 has been financially difficult for you, don’t donate this year. Stay safe and we’ll be here when you are back on your feet.

If 2020 was actually not bad for you financially, please consider a contribution to KiCad to help us build the next version of KiCad better than ever. Your support is critical to KiCad’s long term success as an open source project.




will do contribute, more power to KiCad

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