KiBuzzard, OS X and command line [solved]

I am trying to get KiBuzzard running under OS X 10.14 & KiCAD 5.16. After installing Python 3.7.9 I was able to get KiBuzzard to install without errors. After refreshing the plugins, I have a “Create Label” plugin that launches to a dialog box. Setting the label parameters and clicking OK causes KiCAD to freeze until I close the dialog box. I’ve poked around in the Python but am clearly not enough of a Pythonista to figure it out.
It was suggested that I run KiCAD from the command line, but I haven’t the foggiest notion how to do that.
Any suggestions?


Try pasting this onto the command line:


This is exactly what I wanted. It will make debugging KiBuzzard much more straightforward.

You could also add /Applications/
to your $PATH and then you need only type ‘kicad’.

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