Kibom BOM generation plug-in with TSV, PDF and RTF support


I created a BOM generation plug-in for Kicad called Kibom. It is produces output in Tab Separated Value (TSV), PDF and RTF format. New formats are easy to add. Components are sorted, combined and filtered.

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The goal is to have a usable BOM generated directly from the schematic, with minimal/no editing afterwards. The TSV format can be copy/pasted into most spreadsheets (including LibreOffice, Google Sheets and Excel), and the table in the RTF output can be copied into most word processors.

Kibom is written in C# and compiles with Mono, but I have not been able to test it on Linux etc. If someone has a suitable system and would like to try it, I’d love to have full cross-platform support.

The sorting and filtering engine is quite solid here and easy to extend, so my hope is that people will contribute to the project by modifying it for their needs.


Other screenshots:



Interesting! I also went for TSV when I decided on a standard BOM for 1-click BOM.

Do you have any comment on adding a standard MPN field to schematic symbols as discussed in another topic? I think @devbisme put it best:


That would be a very good idea. I use:

bom_footprint			substitute footprint name
precision			e.g. 1%, X5R
bom_note			text of note
bom_partno			manufacturer's part number

The footprint name field is because Kicad footprint names are not very readable. There is also the substitution system that can handle standard stuff, but particularly when you do custom footprints for random connectors and the like it really helps.

If a standard emerges for the MPN I’ll support it.


Is there any compiled version available? I’m just after 4022 -> 4.0.4 upgrade, shocked that the standard BOM output have been removed, and in the need to generate BOM without much hassle. The GITHUB project is incompatible with my VS install.


BOM is still there, but moved


OK, so where should I look for it? I need the BOM with each part in a separate row, with user defined fields included. Based on the user defined PART ID in the BOM I’m doing inventory lookup and get all the details I need from there.


Fabrication Outputs
BOM File
This saves as a CSV file


I added a binary release for Windows here:

Another contributor is compiling for MacOS X. I will look at doing Linux binaries but hopefully it should build from source. What is the preferred release format for Linux?

Note that it’s still beta. I need to add some features, like a version string, and decide what to do about the config files (should there be a default set, in a default location with per-project override etc?)


I know the CSV from PCBNEW, but this way all custom fields are lost (and these are crucial for me, as I store unique part ID’s there).


Downloaded the binary windows file.
So far:

  • KIBOM looks for the input files in the root directory of current drive, while should look for them in current directory,
  • KIBOM crashes when cannot find input file (e.g. KIBOM.exe in x:\temp\kibom\kibom.exe, same place board.xml KICAD output), “File not found exception” with KIBOM looking for x:\board.xml…

Now I’m looking to get custom fields in the output BOM.


OK, managed to get what I need with just basic office tools.
Libreoffce calc can import generated XML via Data > XML source.
Excel imports XML directly.
There I’m at home :slight_smile:


This is why there are several BOM generating plugins around. The built in one is very basic


HI Fred.

I’ll look at the path issue… It should use the same path as the .xml file you pass to it. And yes, it needs more error checking.

If you use the custom fields that Kibom supports they will appear in the output file. The TSV is probably what you want.


Hi kuro68k,
Thanks for your reply. First I’ve tried with all the files located in the x:\temp\kibom folder. However kibom wanted to see the initial *.txt files in root folder of x:\ , so it’s not the simple case it wants everything placed where XML is located.


What command line did you run it with? From Kicad’s BOM generator or the command line?


Manually from command line. Kibom.exe file.xml -pdf


Please try 0.2, it should fix the path issue and a few other things:


Latest release on GitHub now supports generating XLSX (MS Excel) format spreadsheets.

Sorry no ODF support, there don’t seem to be any good and free libraries and I don’t want to write something from scratch.

I’d say it’s fairly close to my goal of having the BOM entirely generated from the schematic, with no manual editing.