Ki-nTree - Fast part creation in KiCad and InvenTree

Hello KiCad community!

I’m excited to share a tool that I’ve developed for my company and that they agree to make public:

Ki-nTree uses Digi-Key’s API to automatically generate symbols from parts specifications, you just need to feed it a part number :slight_smile:
If you are using InvenTree, it does the same thing there too!

Check out the Get Started documentation to take it for a test drive :wink:


Just released the 0.2 version!
I added a full demo video, refactored and increased the code testing coverage.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Nice! Thank you, one small thing, it took me a while to figure out the link to the video, maybe it needs it own subsection or a trick like this ?

Thanks! I’ll try to make the video links more obvious, or embed a gif. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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I just released 0.3 version! :smiley:

Here are the new features:


  • Now saving part into main category if subcategory does not exist in InvenTree
  • Added “Add Custom” menu option to add parts to KiCad and InvenTree bypassing Digi-Key API
  • Added timeout to InvenTree server connect and Digi-Key API search


  • Now informing user of part creation progress with GUI window
  • Show form prefilled with part API search results and allow user edits
    • Switched to YAML file format for part search API results
    • Added timestamp to API data for caching management

Check it out on GitHub:
Hope Ki-nTree boosts your part creation process!

Another update!

I’m happy to announce SnapEDA has been kind enough to allow Ki-nTree check the availability of symbol and footprint in their database!

This is how you can check:

This is part of the 0.3.rc release: don’t miss it!

Cheers :wink:


0.3.0 was released:

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