Ki-nTree - Fast part creation for KiCad and InvenTree

Hello KiCad community!

I’m excited to share a tool that I’ve developed for my company and that they agree to make public:

Ki-nTree uses Digi-Key’s API to automatically generate symbols from parts specifications, you just need to feed it a part number :slight_smile:
If you are using InvenTree, it does the same thing there too!

Check out the Get Started documentation to take it for a test drive :wink:


Just released the 0.2 version!
I added a full demo video, refactored and increased the code testing coverage.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Nice! Thank you, one small thing, it took me a while to figure out the link to the video, maybe it needs it own subsection or a trick like this ?

Thanks! I’ll try to make the video links more obvious, or embed a gif. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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I just released 0.3 version! :smiley:

Here are the new features:


  • Now saving part into main category if subcategory does not exist in InvenTree
  • Added “Add Custom” menu option to add parts to KiCad and InvenTree bypassing Digi-Key API
  • Added timeout to InvenTree server connect and Digi-Key API search


  • Now informing user of part creation progress with GUI window
  • Show form prefilled with part API search results and allow user edits
    • Switched to YAML file format for part search API results
    • Added timestamp to API data for caching management

Check it out on GitHub:
Hope Ki-nTree boosts your part creation process!

Another update!

I’m happy to announce SnapEDA has been kind enough to allow Ki-nTree check the availability of symbol and footprint in their database!

This is how you can check:

This is part of the 0.3.rc release: don’t miss it!

Cheers :wink:


0.3.0 was released:

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Just released 0.3.1:

Merry Christmas!


Adding parts to KiCad and InvenTree using Ki-nTree keeps on getting better!

Check out the latest 0.3.3 release :slight_smile:

If you want to test out adding parts to InvenTree without having to run any instance, we are building a demo version here:

Get in touch to get the details :wink:

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Hi, I am interested, could you provide login details? :slight_smile:

@poco Details here:

The dataset is reset once per day, so that you know.

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0.3.6 was just released, check it out!

Also InvenTree, the open-source inventory management system (with modern interface and a LOT of features and flexibility), keeps on getting better so give it a shot! :wink:
Now available on docker hub and an app was released for Android :smiley:

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Hi @eeintech

tried to create an executable for windows.
Have used Ubuntu under windows and created the \dist folder.

This folder contains no .exe file, neither in the .zip file.

@martin123 I don’t think pyinstaller (packaging tool) can be told which OS it is building for, therefore when you run the build process on Ubuntu, it is building for Ubuntu, not Windows. Unfortunately you’ll need to run it on Git Bash instead of WSL/Ubuntu.

EDIT: I just fixed a packaging issue I found, you should update you Ki-nTree local instance with git pull origin master

@martin123 I’ve just released 0.3.10 which makes it easier to package the application, the path to the user configuration and cache can be set in the “Settings > User” menu. If you run the invoke build in Git Bash, you should get a standalone executable and no more extra folders! :smiley:

Is there a reason for not having a ready built version on github?

Multiple reasons:

  • PyInstaller does the job for you (used in the invoke build command)
  • I don’t have to build for every single OS out there and post them every time
  • I don’t use Windows or MacOS :slight_smile:

Hope you get it to work! Cheers


Got some great news, Ki-nTree is now on PyPI!
Check it out :smiley: :

You can now install it with pip install kintree :wink:


Both Mouser and LCSC APIs are now supported to create KiCad parts faster than ever!


pip install -U kintree is all you need :wink:


Improved the GUI and added taskbar icon in 0.4.7 :slight_smile:

Check it out!

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