Ki-Cad Footprint for TX7-705, TDA21240,IR3897,IR3883MTRBF or IR3823

Hi There,
TX7-705, TDA21240,IR3897,IR3883MTRBF,IR3823

Is there an interface where I can draw compensates like ? i need help i wish you healthy days.

You need to draw a bridge rectifier? Care to specify your question a bit better/ellaborate on what you need?

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Without information, we can not help you more than pointing to generic tutorials like Library management in KiCad version 5

Also if you ask for assets of components then always ALWAYS post links to the datasheet of it. (Better include a hint on which page the package drawings are found)

Some drawings I need are not in the library, for example TDA21240 i don’t know how to draw

I seem to have posted the link to the wrong tutorial above: Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)?

And we still don’t have nearly enough info to do more than point to tutorials. You really need to detail where you are stuck to get better help. A start would be to tell us what you already tried.
I want to draw the product on this page

You’re in for a treat then; making a footprint in KiCAD is easy and the tutorial Rene pointed you to is pretty good!

Learning how to make symbols and footprints is an essential skill for anyone in this field. If you feel overwhelmed, start with an easier component first.

Start to follow the tutorial i posted (or any other tutorial explaining how to make a footprint). And if you are stuck ask a specific question.

You can start from Eagle or Altium imported footprint from the models coming from infineon product page
PCB Design Data

Can’t I draw from kicad? Isn’t there such a feature? i dont need datasheet i need how drawing

I suggested you to download the footprint libraries from the producers that are for Eagle or Altium and use them as a starter for your footprint, but off course you can design it from scratch in kicad.

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