Keysight N2768A Vertical Mini Probe Socket N2768A

I am in need of information on " Keysight N2768A Vertical Mini Probe Socket N2768A". (lead size and position) I made the the board for N4864A but it is $175.00 usd each. Ouch, and I need many. I think the one pictured below might go in the same holes but don’t know. I should get some shipped next day just to measure the pin size. Does anyone have this part they can measure? Thanks Ron.

I was a bit curious about why such a socket would warrant such a price so I copied your text into DuckDuck:

And this pdf with dimensions popped up as the 5th link:

Pin spacing are bog standard 2.54mm grid with 1.04mm hole size.

I could hardly believe it’s price. Even for a bag of 100 it would have been much, but indeed, Mouser lists them as EUR185 single quantity.
Oops, on further reading, “Single quantity” (at the price) is apparently a bag of 25 of them.

I apologize for the screenshot, but I refuse to post links with embedded tracking information. in them, and when I remove the “sGAE…” string the link don’t work no more.

But still. Not just for the price itself, but out of principle I would refuse to pay over EUR7 for a stamped piece of metal and search for another solution. Are you familiar with the principle of the tag-connect connectors?

They are zero cost for the PCB part (maybe extra for plating), and the other part is (also steep in price) easy to DIY. It’s just some pogo pins and locating pins. If you use 2 small PCB’s with big holes so you can solder pogo pins in them and space them apart, then it automatically fixes the distance and parallelism of both the pogo pins and the locating pins.

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Hi paulvdh,
Thanks for the .pdf. I knew it exists because I could find a 100x100 pixel version of it that is unreadable.
Here is a picture of the other socket. $175 for (1 or 2 depending on where you look).
The N2768A has 2.54mm pin spacing while the N4864A has 5.0mm. I think I will get 25 for next time I turn the board, and maybe try bending the leads to fit the board. Will probably have to get the 175 part for the boards that must go out soon. It is hard when you are told $11.00 and fixed bid the project. (only about $1000.00 error) lol
You are the best!


I would refuse to pay over EUR7 for a stamped piece of metal and search for another solution.

As you have the full drawing above, you can make it yourself since it’s a “stamp piece of metal”. I’ve done it a couple of times with connectors I could’nt find and technically it’s not that hard. But be aware that if you do some tooling for 25 pieces, it will cost you more than 175 USD, even if you don’t count the time you spend on it. The question is: during the time I will spend to save 7 euros, is it possible to produce more than 7 euros of work by other means.

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