Keyboard Shortcut list

HI, I am entirely new to Kicad having used another which was not up to what I want to do. Please bear with me as I am old and grey. Is there a way to print out the keyboard shortcut list? Please. I have looked and can’t find a way not even in the tutorials.

Open up the program in question (eeschema for instance) go to Preferences -> Hot Keys -> Export Hotkeys. This will save a space delimited text file that you can import to a word processor, spreadsheet, etc. to layout how you need.

Hope this helps


That’s the answer, took a few tries but got it to work, many thanks for your help, it will make learning easier for me.

Thanks for the tip! Geoff

If you’re looking for a quick reference, hit the question mark key (’?’) at any point to display on screen as well. I find I do that a lot whenever I have taken a break away from KiCad and am rusty with the hotkeys.