Keyboard shortcut for wireframe and filled

Is there a keyboard shortcut for wireframe and filled views?
It doesn’t appear on the right side of the menu item. I like being able to go back and forth rapidly and it would be great help if there was a quicker way than the menu item in the View menu.

Edit: What I really want is something that does this
View > Drawing Mode > Fill Zones
View > Drawing Mode > Wireframe Zones

I don’t ever find Sketch Zones so useful - maybe someone does.

It would be great if it toggled the way that the ‘K’ shortcut does.

Pcbnew / View / Drawing Mode shows the K shortcut key for drawing tracks in sketch mode.

I would expect to be able to define custom shortcut keys for anything that is clickable in a menu via: Pcbnew / Preferences / Preferences / Hotkeys, but I see a relatively short list and all listed items have a shortcut key in KiCad V5.1.x

In KiCad-nightly V5.99 the list is much longer, and many (possible) menu items have no default shortcut key assigned and you can add them yourself.

Thanks for the reply Paul,

K moves between wireframe and filled on traces. What I am wanting is moving between filled flood fills and wireframe. It would be sweet if it worked as a toggle the way ‘K’ does for traces.

You can assign whatever keys you want to these in Preferences, but you’ll need to pick different keys for the different zone display modes, as it isn’t just an on/off toggle and there is not a dedicated action that cycles through the modes (that could be a feature request)

That screenshot is for KiCad-nightly V5.99. (It has a third column labeled “description”)
Those entries are not available in KiCad V5.1.x.

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