Keepout area around edge cuts

Hello, I can’t find out how to create copper keepout area around edge cuts layer. When I’m trying to add keepout areas it draws only polygons. My pcb consists of various shapes. Please help.

Not sure what you mean.
By default copper fill zones are restricted by PCB edges, copper will not go beyond edge.
Keepouts are not normally used to restrict copper zone (it’s restricted by the Zone boundaries and PCB edges). You can do copper-less “islands” within the zone using “Keepout”.

Zones are already clipped at the board edge and have the normal clearance form the board edge as from copper features such as tracks and via’s.

If you want more clearance, you can edit the “Line thickness” for the lines on the Edge.Cuts layer. (Press “B” to re-generate the zone polygons after editing).

I’m not sure if this answers your question.
If it does not, then give a better explanation of what you want.

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