Keep libraries up to date

so I’m very new to kicad and git forgive me, if I was to stupid to find the answer.
I understand, that the libs are updated weekly on git. But I don’t get how to keep it updated on my linux install. I guess it’s “just” the right git clone/update command in the folder, where the libs resist, but can’t find the right way to do it.


It would just be a git pull inside the repository folder. By default when you clone (download) the repository it will automatically track the main branch, so doing a git pull you’re updating your local repository to the most recent state in that main branch.

For the default libraries a normal:

sudo apt update && apt upgrade

should suffice.
For other libraries… It depends on the way they are distributed.

Oh, under debian it is just “included” no need to extra git pulls? That’s nice. THX.

As to some other examples, like Snap EDA: Do I understand that correctly? Every part is a separate library?

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