Keep hotkey list window open

Not sure if this question has been asked before but I could not find anything in my search.

Is there a way to keep the “Hotkey List” window open while you are working in pcbnew? I would like to have it open as a handy reference but when I open it, it is modal and keeps the focus until it is closed. So, you cannot easily flip back and forth between the two windows.

You can export the list to a text file. Then it can be opened with a text editor or a spreadsheet.


Ahh, thanks.

I did not see the export button in the window that comes up when you click the hotkeys menu item in the help menu. I thought to cut and paste the text but you cannot select the text in the hotkeys window from the help menu. You got me searching in the preferences pane and found I found the export button there.

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I don’t see it in V5.1.5. Is this gone or did I omit something when I compiled for the stable Debian?

Maybe is at Preferences -> Preferences… -> Hotkeys in eeschema and/or pcbnew?

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Yeah. That isn’t the help menu listed above. Seems kind of a kludge that you can’t just open the window from within the program though.