JY0-0009NL and 25 PIN D-SUB FEMALE Connector and their datasheets

Hello Everyone!

I’m new at the world of electronics.I’m want make the footprint of these a connector’s Pulse Jack Jy0-0009NL and DM11356-R3.
The first one is an Ethernet and Double USB connector. It is an “upgraded” version of RJ45 connector.I find a page with tihs component and a draft
but the pins positioning isn’t as same as mine (here the site: https://www.rj45-modularjack.com/sale-11294547-hy981160c-10-100-base-t-ethernet-rj45-connector-with-dual-usb-lpju4111aonl.html).
The other one is the DM11356-R3 db25 connector.
It is used on old pc’s mainboard beside the serial,vga and dvi port.In this case too I’m only find the name and a picture of the component(here is on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-PCS-25-PIN-D-SUB-FEMALE-RIGHT-ANGLE-CONNECTOR-BY-FOXCONN-DM11356-R3/221738681738?hash=item33a0a7c58a:g:HAsAAOSw7aBVJT7e).
If someone is experienced in datasheets, please help me!


This is a copy of the picture slab_the_helper is refering to:

There are many differences in the pad loctions for connectors. With a bit of searching n Aliexpress you find pictures of assortments of 100 different USB connectors.

For DB25 there are also plenty of variations. In older connector variants the PCB pins tend to be pretty far from the “flange” on the front, while for others (more modern / “small form factor”?) this distance is much shorter.

One of the ways to go forward is to find the exact datasheet for your connector brand, and use the measurements for that.
For some brands you can download STEP models of the connectors, and there are even websites with databases of footprints for all kind of electronic components.

I’m a sort of old fashioned guy, and some time ago I made:

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