Just venting - JLCPCB "system error" degradation

8 days ago it was possible to order https://github.com/rusefi/hellen121vag/tree/main/boards/hellen121vag-b/board but today it’s “System error” with JLCPCB unable to render gerber preview and figure out board dimensions which prevents assembly order from happening. I know I know it’s a JLCPCB issue but…

what’s painful is that a sibling board https://github.com/andreika-git/hellen81/tree/master/boards/hellen81-a/board created it no KiCAD still works just fine :frowning:

If you tag @atommann he/she might see this and explain why the outage.

It’s a small world atommann is already working on this issue :slight_smile:

Speaking of JLCPCB’s gerber interpreter/previewer, I face another issue: the X and Y board dimensions seem mixed.
For board dimensions the hint displayed suggests “X” being horizontal and Y being vertical; but after gerber upload these are switched (height (Y) x width (X) instead of proper width (X) x height (Y)).
Effectively, for “panel by JLCPCB” columns and rows are mixed. @atommann could you take look at this issue as well?


I just replied your email a moment ago.

Sure, I’ll look into it right now.

I’ve found JLCPCB’s ordering system infrastructure to be only somewhat stable. I’ve ordered a lot of boards from them - at least 50 orders - and, more often than not, there seems to be some sort of glitch. Often it clears up by retrying. Sometimes I have to wait a few hours. In the last 6 months, I can think of 3 times I had to wait a day or more.

The gerber preview is especially quirky, usually with parts placement/rotation preview. Once it didn’t work at all. I ordered anyway without correcting rotation and they sent me a preview PNG via email. Their techs made the proper corrections and the boards I got were fine.

I wish their systems were more reliable but I’ve always been able to get my order done.

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