Junior PCB Designer willing to contribute to existing project

Good morning everybody,
I’m an Electronic Engineer and an Analog IC Designer and I’m now willing to learn some PCB design also.
I just went through the KiCad getting started tutorial and some online tutorials so far.
I feel that I’m now ready to join someone more expert than me who needs someone to work on their under-development projects, for free. I would start with easy tasks and gradually increase their complexity.
If there is someone seeking someone like me out there, please let me know!
Any other advice for starting designing with KiCad is welcome :slight_smile:
Have a nice day everybody!

Start from your own simple schematic and pcb design and then ask here for comments.
After some time of reading forum (see info in FAQ) you will be able to add files to your posts.

Hi @Piotr , the new Forum member @michelegiorgio has reached Basic level already. :slightly_smiling_face:



Do not be discouraged if no one is interested in your help. Instead, start your own project. There is much more information available at https://docs.kicad.org/ and there is also the FAQ at the top of every forum page.
If you still have questions regarding Kcad, please ask on this forum.
If asking questions, don’t forget to include your version information. This is available at: Help > About Kicad > top Right hand corner (click copy; then paste directly into a post in this forum).

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Many of the frequent forum posters work with complex projects, and for work, so they can’t share the work with you. You might have better luck if you look through the hobby projects in hackaday.io, find some that interest you and ask if you can join the project. Even if they don’t need any help maybe you can reuse the designs and make your own versions to get experience.


Many of the frequent forum posters are retired, or semi-retired. Consequently, they have time, and spend time, answering questions others ask, while testing the program to find bugs to report to the developers.

In between all that, they may use Kicad to create their own personal projects.

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