Junction size and ESKD-sized schematics

I’m new in KiCAD and I use ESKD-styled (this is usually called GOST) components.
This style of components is not only different in image, but also in size (standard pin spacing is 5 mm, resistor is 4x10 mm and so on). Standard KiCAD junction size is a bit small. Is there a way to make junctions bigger? around 1.5 to 2 mm would be ideal.

Ehm… are you talking schematics or footprints?

EEschema currently only knows imperial dimensions, especially the grid.
I don’t think this will change with V5. I hope V6 will do it though.

PCBnew can do either.
If you have ‘special’ packages, that aren’t part of the standard KiCAD libs you have to roll your own - which is not very hard.

So please, explain a bit more, ESKD only get’s me to some kidney stuff on google… ?!


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I think he might be talking about the circle that gets added to junctions in eeschema:

I at least don’t know of a place to set it’s size.


I may be trying too hard to analyze the context . . . . but I believe he is referring to the “dot” which indicates an electrical connection between two wires in a schematic. In EESchema, the standard size is a bit less than 1mm diameter - about 0.9mm (0.035 in) as best my superannuated eyeballs can make out. @Nick_Fedorov would like it to be about twice this size.

As far as I know, there is no way for the user to change this size. I will not speculate about how difficult it would be to make this size a choice under “Schematic Editor Options” but it wouldn’t hurt to register it as a wish-list item on the bug tracker. Especially if the larger size is specified in a recognized national standard, there is justification for supporting it in KiCAD. (I suspect that a choice among two or three options - small dot, medium, or large - would be adequate. Making it a user-specified value opens too many possibilities for problems if an unreasonable value is entered.)


p.s. - I also skimmed through a lot of stuff about “End Stage Kidney Disease” before I stumbled across a reference to a family of “GOST Standards”, apparently originated by the U.S.S.R

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Yes, I was talking about the dot in eeschema that symbolizes connection between crossing wires.

Never realized that it is not entirely clear (after all, EESchema calls them junctions and you usually have to place some of them manually if you moved anything).

So, there is no easy solution for this right now. Can someone point me to where I can request such feature for future releases?

Yeah, ESKD stands for “Единая Система Конструкторской Документации” (russian for Unified Technical Documentation System), is a part of USSR’s standards that describes how to do schemes, plans and all sorts of technical documents. And it is the best/worst thing USSR done in the field (depending on who you ask)

P.S. Well, I guess now I have to pretend that the whole goal of this post is to raise awareness of kidney diseases.

‘Edinaja Sistema Konstructorskoi Dokumentazii’


I had Russian in school, for like 6 years I think, not much left of it, sans being able to read Cyrillic letters.

Anyhow - bugtracker with wishlist tags is located here:

Once you opened it there (with tag wishlist) link back here, so people have a chance to find it easier and add to it.

PS: I missed the word ‘junction’ in the title and then there was talk about pin spacing and other things… went completely over my head.

The core problem is that KiCad schematic is fundamentally Imperial at the moment and ESKD is hard Metric.
KiCad pcb is free to use either system

Not a problem.
ESKD uses 2.5 mm as it’s basic grid size. KiCAD has 100 mil basic grid, which is 2.54 mm.
This makes everything about 1.6% bigger and this is not really an issue.

The only thing that really bugs me is the fact that special pin symbol size (Graphic Style in Pin Properties) is based on pin number font size. Combined with 2.54 mm font size and 5.08 mm long pins this not only makes ‘Inverted pin’ symbol gigantic, but also makes it overlap with pin number.