Junction Dot Size?


I don’t know what to think about this:


Anyone have some ideas/?

On Edit: Same issue:



They become virtually invisible on normal zoom levels if you set size to 0.0
I would bet it’s related to the recent antialiasing changes that do pixel alignment.


Might be. It’s best to start with “no antialiasing” and then test other settings. I have found all antialiasing lacking. It’s not about KiCad quality but the nature of antialiasing which is that exact pixels are changed to non-exact with different kinds of algorithms. And of course “no antialiasing” requires algorithms and finding the approximately best option, too.


It’s always a minimum of 1.5x the line width.



Does it have to be?

I’d like them to be less then the thickness of the lines, so that they appear to go away.


File a bug report and we can see how to fit your request with others’.