JSHORT - symbol

Hi everyone, i’ve been reviewing some lately some pcb designs and met this symbol, unknown to me. Anyone knows what it is?

Looks like a variant of Net-tie2
This variant is a necked track intended for cutting as required after assembly

I agree with @davidsrsb. Based on the placement of these shorts, my guess is the intention is to show how the jumper is set “by the factory” with a trace on the board that is intended to be cut if the end-user wants to change the jumper setting. On the PCB, they probably put the footprint of the short across the two pins of the jumper’s footprint that want to be factory set.

It could indeed be a variant of a net-tie.
It could also be some kind of solder jumper.

But it is quite certain that the schematic symbol is added to add some feature to the PCB, so have a look at the PCB itself to see what it represents.

Here it connects two different nets

Of course it connects two different nets. That is the sole purpose of a net-tie.
But it does some more. It looks like it is designed so the buttom loop can be cut open to remove the short, and can later be repaired again by soldering a zero-ohm resistor over the gap.

I do not know why the default solder jumpers were not used. They serve a similar purpose, but only need a blob of solder to repair them.
(They are a bit wide though, so you need relatively much solder to “repair” them).

Depends on the industry. In my case a solder blob wouldn’t pass QA standards even though its intentional.

Also for development, you can insert a small 10 ohm resistor and get a temporary current shunt :wink:

There’s no cookie cutter answer really, it’s why we all have jobs seemingly just reinventing the same things.